Covered Bridge in Northfield Falls, Vermont.

48 No Interstate: F.M. Light and Sons signs on US 40 in Northwestern Colorado
48 No Interstate: Approaching Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona

Zion National Park, Utah.

Cloud Gate in Chicago, Illinois.

48 No Interstate: Cloud Gate in Millinneum Park - Chicago, Illinois
48 No Interstate: Virginia State Capitol in Richmond

Early morning on Decatur Street in New Orleans

48 No Interstate: Approaching Death Valley National Park, California
48 No Interstate: View of Pike's Peak from Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

On the road to Death Valley, CA.

An old sink in an old convenience store near Folkston, GA.  The faucet handles had been replaced with now rusty screws.

Haceta Head Light on the Oregon coast

48 No Interstate: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sunset reflecting on Hwy 98 in the Apalachicola National Forest along Florida's Panhandle

48 No Interstate: Pleasure Pier in Galveston, Texas
48 No Interstate: Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee

Shiprock at dusk in western New Mexico.

Pleasure Pier on a misty morning in Galveston, Texas.

48 No Interstate: Creative solution in Folkston, GA
48 No Interstate: In Ballarat, a Ghost Town near Death Valley National Park - California

Minneapolis, Minnesota skyline.

Vineyard on the shore of Lake Erie 
Derby, New York.

48 No Interstate: Fifth Avenue at Central Park, New York City

Sunset over Malibu & The Pacific Palisades from the Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles, California.

Virginia State Capitol Building, designed by 

Thomas Jefferson, in Richmond, VA.

48 No Interstate: View from Santa Monica Pier
48 No Interstate: Golden West Flour Silo, New Mexico
48 No Interstate: Early morning light on Decatur Street - New Orleans, Louisiana

A Few of our Favorites

48 No Interstate: Shiprock, New Mexico
48 No Interstate: Zion National Park, Utah

View of Pike's Peak from Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs.

48 No Interstate: Barton Springs - Austin, Texas

Dilapidated truck in Ballarat, a ghost town

outside of Death Valley, CA.

48 No Interstate: Edd's Place - Westbrook, Connecticut

Nighttime on Beale Street

in Memphis, Tennessee.

48 No Interstate: Haceta Head Light - Oregon

5th Avenue along Central Park, NYC.

48 No Interstate: Covered Bridge - Northfield Falls, Vermont

Distant view of Monument Valley, Utah.

F.M. Light and Sons signs stretch for miles on US 40 in Northwestern Colorado

48 No Interstate: rainy Florida Panhandle sunset

Great little waterfront restaurant

in Westbrook, Connecticut.

48 No Interstate: Mount Saint Helens

Residential courtyard in The French Quarter,

New Orleans, LA.

48 No Interstate: Vineyard on Lake Erie - Derby, New York

Old "Phillips 66" filling station on Route 66 near

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Rocks on the "beach" at the Salt Flats, west of

Salt Lake City, Utah.

48 No Interstate: Inviting courtyard in New Orleans, Louisiana

Decapitated Mt. St. Helens, Washington.

48 No Interstate: Bonneville Salt Flats - Utah

Barton Springs, swimming hole in Austin, Texas.

48 No Interstate: Route 66

Golden West Flour silo in rural New Mexico.